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Here at Owensboro Tree Trimming  our goal is to be the best tree service company in Owensboro, KY and surrounding areas.  We strive to provide excellent customer while keeping the prices of our tree services low. Yep, it’s what we do. So if you are thinking of hiring a tree company and you call then shabang, we show up and russell you up a quote fast.


Our services include, but are not limited to the following.



So, if your dealing with half dead trees or half dead tree companies then ditch them and call us so we can get rid of your half dead problem. Not sure if we service your area? Well here you go, a list. If you are wanting work done in any of these particular areas we’re your man, or woman, or whatever people calling us these days. Workers, I think workers are the proper term. Call us whatever you want but the important part is calling us.



It doesn’t matter to us were you live in these areas, we can usually give you a quality estimate within a couple of days. Also, understand, since we work in such a large area we usually only travel to these areas once a week. The good thing about this is that unless we are extremely busy you will have a fast quote within the week. Some tree companies wouldn’t be able to get to you in 2 or 3 weeks so we stay ahead of the curve.


Are you dissatisfied with the trees in your yard? Are they impeding on another structure or causing some aesthetics problems?  We don’t care if you live on a lake, a hill, or a mountain, we can service your trees if you live in or around any of the cities on the list above.


Trees are like an amenity. They provide shade and add to the value of a property. You want a tree service company that understands your trees are part of your property value. If you hire the wrong tree company you could cost yourself money in the long run. Also, some of the most famous people in the world will tell you that you kind of get used to the inside of the house and don’t notice it much after a while, but a good view never gets old. If you don’t have the trees trimmed in the correct way it can erase the best view possible.


In order to reduce the risk of damage or someone getting injured it is important to have your trees inspected and trimmed correctly every year. When a tree is trimmed it gets rid of any bad or damaged limbs that could fall under the stress of high winds, water, or ice. It is always better to let a true professional do the job instead of letting one of these limbs come tumbling down somewhere you don’t want it. Or worse yet, the whole tree could come down if not inspected every couple years. Trees can get diseases, or pests that could add to the instability. It is important to give us a call, we can come take a look at it, and help get you a plan, plus give you a cost. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything for a call and free quote.


Are you a house flipper? Don’t forget the landscape. We offer our commercial and residential tree services for local land owners, and rennovators.


The Most Important aspect of our business-

We want the customer to be satisfied. We would like nothing short of five star service. Why? We know once you receive over the top service that you normally wouldn’t expect from a tree trimming company, than you will hopefully recommend us to friends and family.  We take very seriously our reputation.


Reviews from others

Jamie- “Owensboro tree service provided exceptional work. I needed 2 trees removed and once they were done and cleaned up I realized I wanted a third one taken down. So, they were nice enough to give me a solid discount on the last one. They were friendly and fast. Cleaned up well. Even went the extra mile by raking up some areas that they didn’t even mess up. I will hire them again and highly recommend.”


Joe- “Fast free quote. I hired them and within 3 days they came out and trimmed 2 large trees in the back.” Great group. Hard workers. Will keep them in mind next time”


Jaquiline-  “Tree Trimming Owensboro came 35 miles out of their way to help me out. I needed a couple of brush piles removed. They were on it. Very fast service at an extremely fair price.”


That is just a taste of a couple of satisfied customers. We have changed the names to keep them anonymous. You can also check our reviews out on google.


Weather you a needing trimming, stump removal, tree removal, bush removal, brush clean up, thinning, tree evaluation, or anything else related to the green giants let us know. We are always attentive and happy to serve.


When it comes to the equipment we use it is important to keep it maintained everyday. One reason we clean the tools in between every job is due to not spreading diseases to the trees.  They can get diseases just like humans and using the same blade to cut both can contaminate the other with a disease. We not only maintain the equipment we have, but we also strive to keep the best in our arsenal. Brand new equipment every couple of years is an excellent investment back into the business so we can move fast, and keep your prices low. This is what is known as efficiency from investments. It also helps to keep the employees safe as well as make the job as seamless as possible.


Our people are just like anyone in the fact that we also get tired and worn out. Sometimes during a hot day where the sun is beading down on us and the temps touch the 100 degree mark. We become exhausted just like anyone else. If you see us taking a break relaxing in the shade, maybe eating a sandwich, or just not doing much of anything it’s because we need breaks too. If you see us out working hard on an extremely scorchin day and you have some delicious ice tea around we love tea. Your kind generosity wont go unnoticed. Our guys are very strong, super hard workers, and we will do everything possible to stay on the task and after a quick rest, keep cutting away.


Just remember, we aren’t your average, run of the mill, tree company. We are a fast, friendly, reliable, honest, and hard working group of guys with one goal in mind, and that is to keep you happy. First and foremost we want to provide the most exceptional service that you have ever experienced with another service company.


Please give us one try, one shot to meet your expectations and treat you with the best tree trimming in owensboro and surrounding areas that you have ever had. Let us treat your home better than we treat our own.