Can Your Landscaper Do Tree Work?

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A question that comes up all the time.  Can a landscaper in Owensboro or other areas of the country,  legally do tree work? This article by Tree Trimming Owensboro is going to get into the details on whether or not they can do tree work, and what kind of tree work they’re capable of doing. Some  of the landscapers are better equipped and more knowledgeable on some types of tree work than others. So let’s get right into i

The  easy answer is some can do tree work some can’t do tree work. A  big portion of landscaping companies refer out there tree work. Here’s what happens when a landscaping company prefers out the tree work. Hopefully your landscaping company will  have licensed professional tree company come in that is professional and they will quote the tree work. Once that happens it becomes out of your landscapers hands and into the hands of the tree company that they referred in. The really good part about this is you will have somebody that’s experienced hopefully and knows what they’re doing on the tree side.

The money that you pay  to your landscaper or the tree service company will get split usually in a 30 70%. This means but your landscaper will most likely get 30% up the tree job hey and you’re tree company that came in will get 70% of the tree pay.

It’s really a win for everybody because the tree company should be Savvy and licensed at what they do with experience. The Landscaping Company that you know and trust still get your business and the majority of the job overall. Also the tree company gets more business and helps out the landscaper in your area. This is why it’s really a win win win.

At times some landscaping companies are licensed and insured and educated on how to do tree work as well. this just adds another Avenue of income stream for the landscaper. They must have the right equipment to do the whole job like bucket trucks, chainsaws, etc. When a landscaping company has all these things they can usually do the job at a little bit better price then bringing in a full Tree Service Company. The reason for this is that they keep all the jobs in house. They don’t have to split the profit with somebody else. It’s not required to have Landscaping Company knowledgeable in everything but it does help with the price. Unless your Landscaping Company is cutting back a little bit of the profit to help you out.

I hope this article has shed a little light  if a landscaping company can do tree work for you. most landscaping companies if you call and ask them will tell you whether or not they are able to do tree work and how much tree work they can do. If your landscaping company cannot do the tree job give us a call over here at tree trimming Owensboro and we will be happy to help with any of your tree service needs.  We can be reached at 270.229.6040.



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