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Trust Your Tree Trimming Contractor

Finding a tree trimming company you can trust. I want to personally thank you for visiting my tree trimming website here online at .   Most importantly, we would like to thank all of our customers over the years who have entrusted Owensboro Tree Service with thier tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal needs. […]

Support Small Business

Support Small Business As our country goes through a very tough time with the spread of the horrible disease COVID-19, it has never been more important to support small businesses in your home town.  In our case here locally, we are asking you to support all of the area mom and pop stores and businesses […]

How Deep To Plant Your Tree

  Just purchased a new tree from a nursery in Owensboro and you forgot to ask how deep to plant your tree correctly. Here is some good advice and down to earth information on the correct way to plant your trees. The three things you want to keep in mind when you plant trees are […]

Can Your Landscaper Do Tree Work?

  A question that comes up all the time.  Can a landscaper in Owensboro or other areas of the country,  legally do tree work? This article by Tree Trimming Owensboro is going to get into the details on whether or not they can do tree work, and what kind of tree work they’re capable of […]

How Much Mulch To Put Around Your Tree

  Hi this is Ben with Tree Trimming Owensboro.  In this article you will learn how much mulch you should put around a tree. You will also learn why you shouldn’t put too much around your tree and what that can cause. So the first thing you want to look at is around the very […]

How To Trim and Prune Trees In Owensboro, KY

  This article will be about Pruning trees, removing dead branches, getting the dying branches out of the way and in turn doing this you will be able to keep your tree healthy and keep the people and objects around your tree safe. let’s get started. First you have to ask yourself is this a […]

When and Where To Plant Your Tree In Owensboro

This is for the great folks of Owensboro and others around the USA. When and where to plant your trees.    If you’re wondering when to plant trees. This article will help you evaluate the best time to plant trees. This way you can get more value from your real estate because your trees will […]

Owensboro Tree Spring Cleaning

Owensboro Tree Service 270.229.6040 Looking for help this spring for your property? We got just what you need for spring clean up and/or tree service. From stump removal, limb removal or reduction, evaluation, thinning, tree topping, tree removal, tree trimmimg and tree prunning our guys are equipped and ready to get to working on making […]

Tree Service You Vs. Professional

Our trees are something we all need but there are those times in life where they just are more of a pain in our neck more than they are something positive and beautiful and we understand that you want to do something about it. The only real decision comes down are you wanting to do […]

Tree Specialist Owensboro, KY

Trees are a beautiful part of nature. They supply us with the oxygen we breathe. They can be designed into beautiful shapes for our homes especially here in Owensboro. However, trees can also cause an issue for those who wish to do more with their yard, garden, or sidewalks.We can help with that. We are […]