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Trust Your Tree Trimming Contractor

Finding a tree trimming company you can trust. I want to personally thank you for visiting my tree trimming website here online at .   Most importantly, we would like to thank all of our customers over the years who have entrusted Owensboro Tree Service with thier tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal needs. […]

What Time Of The Year Is The Best To Get Your Trees Trimmed In Owensboro

  When to prune your trees? The best time to trim or prune your trees in Owensboro, Ky is at the end of fall to the beginning of Spring. We are going to explain why and talk a little bit about it in this article!  The first thing you want to point out is that […]

What and How To Feed Your Trees

  If you are thinking of feeding your tree you have probably heard of a word called fertilizer. Here is the definition of fertilizer in short,  a substance that is chemical based and is used to help plant growth and fertility. This substance candy either synthetic which is man-made or natural which is made in […]

Guide For Watering Your Trees In Owensboro KY

      If you plant a shrub tree or any other type of outdoor plant water it a couple times and Leave It To Nature to water it the rest of the time we are selling ourselves short. The  only way you can get the best value from your tree or shrub is to […]

Spring Cleanup