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We only deal with the tree or part of the tree. We do not deal with any emergency related to health, fire, water, or construction to the property. If you have a medical, fire, or other emergency please call the appropriate emergency services.

Here at Owensboro Tree Service we have a great emergency response team. When we talk about emergency tree service here is what we do.

If you have a tree or tree limb that falls on a house that needs to be taken care of right away give us a call. If you have damage that can not be fixed without the tree being removed please call us and we will put you on the top priority list.

It’s not everyday that a tree falls on your house or car, but if it does then we can help. Our services are readily available and just a simple phone call away.

If you have a storm roll through and are dealing with a pile of brush or a full tree that needs taken a part we specialize in both of those. Our chainsaw stays sharp and can carve up the biggest of trees. We can either grind up the brush in a chipper or carve the tree up and leave it for you. Some people use it as firewood or burn the wood in wood stoves.

It doesn’t matter to us what you do with it, whether you want us to take it or have us leave it. We can give you a fast, friendly, free estimate to think about. We understand that there will be emergencies and we don’t raise our prices to try to take advantage in hard times. We are always fair and honest with pricing.

Here is what you get when you call Owensboro Tree Trimming

  • Fast Friendly Service
  • 24 Hr round the clock service for emergencies
  • Smiling ready to work crew
  • Great prices
  • Free Estimates
  • On Time No Nonsense service

Here are some things that you don’t have to worry about when dealing with us.

  • Bad Estimates
  • Poor Service
  • Grumpy Service
  • Late or No Show Service
  • Half Done Jobs
  • Poor Work Ethics

Don’t leave you tree service to chance. We will give you the fast and friendly service you deserve. We tell you right up front how far booked out we are, but we always make exceptions. If you need us a little faster than normal for whatever reason just mention it and we will try to squeeze you in.

Never underestimate how much difference a good work crew can make on the job at hand. It can either turn out great or become a disaster. We have had to clean up many other jobs that other fly by night companies have created. We never want to be on the receiving end of a bad review.

If you want to read some of our reviews you are more than welcome to go on Google to see what other people are saying. We strive for no less than a 5 star rating. If we see a bad rating come through we do our best to resolve any issues, and make every attempt to make the customer happy.



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