Guide For Watering Your Trees In Owensboro KY

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If you plant a shrub tree or any other type of outdoor plant water it a couple times and Leave It To Nature to water it the rest of the time we are selling ourselves short. The  only way you can get the best value from your tree or shrub is to water it consistently and maintain it properly. Or At least until the root system establishes itself properly. Here is the best way to do this fast.

In nature when it rains the water is delivered slowly and adequately to the plant. The  water is not a hard stream that erodes the soil around the base of the plant. If you are using a garden hose with a hard stream and just spraying the plant while water overflows off the top of the soil you’re doing it incorrectly.

Here are a couple quick tips on how you should water properly. Use  your hose to create a gentle stream a water so that you can sprinkle it calmly on the base of the plant near the roots. Make sure it is not eroding the soil.

If you’re only dealing with one plant  here’s a quick tip. You can buy a device that times when the water turns on and when the water turns off.  This will ensure consistent watering without your help anytime of day. It’s called a soil Soaker and timer. When you are using one of these systems you want to ensure that you’re not setting the timer to be on too long. It only takes a few minutes especially with one plant. So most of the time your hose is going to be turned off from the timer.

You must also keep in mind the different plants require different amounts of water. You  should always check your area I’m the type of plants you have as to how much water it should receive. some plants require a lot of water some plants require very little water.

Great thing about a soil Soaker in timer  is that you can set it and forget it. However  you can only forget it for so long because you will have to come back and check on it.  You need to check on it once every couple days to ensure that it’s working properly and not giving your plant too much or too little water. You will also have to make sure that if it rains to turn it off because that will also give your plant too much water.

Another really  neat device is a Tree-T-Pee. This Farmer was on Shark Tank  and pitched this Tree-T-Pee plastic TP that goes around the base of your tree. He was a tree farmer. he had thousands and thousands of trees and this conserve water at a great amount it keeps all the water at the base of the tree. anyone that has several trees should look into this item. They are very inexpensive and easy to use. Here is a picture to check one out in action.

If you are unsure of how often or how much to water your plant call your local plant nursery. You can also call us if it is related to trees at 270-229-6040 and we can help you out. Thanks for reading and remember to use Owensboro Tree Service for all your tree service needs.





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