How Deep To Plant Your Tree

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Just purchased a new tree from a nursery in Owensboro and you forgot to ask how deep to plant your tree correctly. Here is some good advice and down to earth information on the correct way to plant your trees.

The three things you want to keep in mind when you plant trees are number one correct place. Second thing you want to keep in mind is number to right depth. Third thing  is the right tree. For this article we’re going to assume you already pick the correct tree and you pick the correct place. After you get the correct tree, and the correct place the correct depth is critical. The  correct depth is essential for the tree health and survival of the tree.

Many trees are planted too deep. If your tree is already planted you want to evaluate whether or not it’s planted at the correct depth. One thing you want to look at when you evaluate the tree is the bottom of the tree trunk, or the base up the tree. There should be root flare visible at the bottom of the trunk. We talked about having too much mulch in another article and covering up the root flare.  The roots need to be slightly visible at the base of the tree when it starts going into the ground.

If you find your tree is planted too deep and you don’t see the flare of the roots try this. Find a tool like a pickaxe or a screwdriver and start digging up the dirt around the base. keep digging it up and pushing the Dirt away from the tree until you find that flare. Once you find where the tree flares out  then expose about 2 to 3 in of the flare.

The reason you need to do this is because at the flare the top of the roots  need oxygen help the tree stay healthy. If you cover up that source for oxygen of the tree the tree may grow however  it will always be in short supply. The mitochondria of the tree won’t be able to produce the energy it needs to survive. After years and years of low oxygen at the roots the tree may start to decay at the base. This can bring in a whole host of problems including bugs,  tree rot, and eventually might even lead to death of the tree.

Here I have included a picture of a tree with the correct depth. once you plant your tree at the correct depth you can ensure what the correct watering and food your tree will survive for years and years to come. So pay close attention when you plant your tree to ensure its best life possible.

This has been another article by Tree Service Owensboro. As always if you have any questions about the right depth or technique or placement of your tree please give us a ring we can be reached anytime at 270.229.6040. Thank you and happy planting.



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