How Much Mulch To Put Around Your Tree


Hi this is Ben with Tree Trimming Owensboro.  In this article you will learn how much mulch you should put around a tree. You will also learn why you shouldn’t put too much around your tree and what that can cause. So the first thing you want to look at is around the very base of the tree where the tree goes into the ground. It is at the very bottom of the tree. You need to see if it flairs out  at the bottom or the base. in the natural habitat out of the woods or people don’t put Mulch on the ground the bottom of the tree is always flared out.

Happens when people put too much mulch at the bottom of the tree The Mulch retains moisture. Ben the moisture is always being sucked into the base of the tree. if there is a flair at the bottom and you’re not using too much mulch the moisture will dissipate allowing the tree to breathe. In some cases where there is too much mulch will equal too much moisture which in turn can deteriorate the bark and cause the tree to start dying and riding in certain places. You don’t want this to happen. It’s very important that you dig up part of the tree to expose the flare of the roots. you can do this or you can have tree trimming Owensboro come out and we will give you an idea how much it would cost for free. if this is not done it may take a few years but you will eventually cause the tree to die and possibly start rotting.

You can do this yourself or you can call us but here’s what you need to do. start digging gently moving all the mulch out of the way. You have to be careful not to damage the tree or the roots in this process. It’s very easy to cut through a root when you have a shovel going. So gently maybe use a hand shovel or is a regular self shovel but do it gently. once you get all the mulch out of the way you may have to dig up some of the dirt as well. you have to go until you start seeing the flare of the tree. it’s very noticeable. Once you see the flare the tree you go down about six more inches. Once this is done and it’s done right the base of the tree will start drying out. this is a healthy thing for the tree to go through. A tree needs to be dry at the base so that I can take in water and distribute it accordingly throughout the branches and limbs. once you have completed this task do not put mulch or dirt bike around the base of the tree. If you do but very little as to not cover up Flair. some people have player all tree needs Flyers LOL.

That is it for our education on trees and mulch today. if you would like us to complete this task for you or give you a Free quote you can call us at 270-229-6040.



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