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Support Small Business

As our country goes through a very tough time with the spread of the horrible disease COVID-19, it has never been more important to support small businesses in your home town.  In our case here locally, we are asking you to support all of the area mom and pop stores and businesses like ours here at Owensboro Tree Service.

We are still working but just like everyone else, our tree trimming and tree removal services have slowed down.   So far we have been able to keep our team busy enough so we don’t have to lay anyone off, but times are tough.   Just like other small businesesses in Owensboro and surrounding areas here in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, our employees have families they need to feed, rent or mortgages to pay and other bills to pay.  By supporting small businesses here in Kentucky and Indiana, it will help us all keep the chainsaw fired up and families fed.

As always, we offer free estimates and we should be able to work any tree trimming or tree removal work in to our schedule pretty quickly.   Owensboro Tree Service will still provide you with the top quality service and home town value that you deserve.   We will keep social distancing in tact as we also want to keep ourselves, along with you our customer, healthy.

I never thought I would be writing about a virus on my website, but the times have changed in our society.   I believe that the life as we knew it will be forever changed.   I have never liked shaking hands because I’m a germaphobe by nature so I won’t miss that part of it.   Don’t get me wrong though, I do show my appreciation to our customers with high quality work at affordable prices and give a big southern (northern Kentucky in this case) thank you for your business.   If it wasn’t for our terrific and loyal customers, we wouldn’t have been in business for so long.

We have a proud tradition here in Daviess County and are proud to call Owensboro our home.   I will list our services here in this article so you have an idea if we can help you out on your tree service needs.   Feel free to call us anytime at 279.229.6040 and we’ll answer your questions or set up a free quote at your home or business.

At Owensboro Tree Service, we provide tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services throughout northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana.   Some of the bigger cities and towns we cover include Owensboro, Henderson, Madisonville and close communities in Kentucky and Evansville, Newburgh and other close areas in Indiana.

Our tree specialists have many years of experience and enjoy doing tree work for  a living.   At this difficult time in our country, we please ask you to support small businesses in our community, including ours here in Owensboro.

A very special thank you for taking time to read this little article I wrote today about COVID-19 and how important it is to support local small businesses.

Best wishes.

FREE QUOTE – 279.229.6040

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