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Here at Owensboro Tree Service, we keep very busy all year long, including in the winter time.  As 2019 comes to a close and we gear up for 2020, winter is setting in.   The temperatures have gotten much colder, the trees have already lost their leaves and hopefully you have raked the leaves up so our city officials can pick them up.

The cold temperatures of winter time can be very tough on trees, especially if they are starting to decay or rot.  It was once thought that most of the damage would have been caused by extreme cold temperatures for an extended time, but thats just not the case.  Trees can be damaged more easily with large temperature fluctuations.   For example, if it’s 32 degrees one day and negative 10 the next couple of days followed by 32 degrees again, that would cause more damage to the tree than for temperatures to stay below zero.   A tree that is going into dormancy can be seriously hurt if a hard freeze takes place before complete dormancy.   This is especially dangerous when temperatures are mild and then plunges into extreme cold.

For those trees that haven’t fully gone into dormancy and are hit by a sudden freeze can sustain root damage.  Once roots get damaged, it can severely injure or kill the tree.   If you have mulch at the base of the tree, it will help keep the ground temperature a little higher which could help keep the roots safe.

Other damage to trees in the winter time can come at the hands of heavy snow or ice.  An ice storm or heavy snow can cause the branches to break.   Maples and Birch trees along with other hardwoods, are suseptible to limb breakage during a winter storm event.

Most people don’t realize that animals can seriously damage a tree in the winter time as they will eat the bark of a tree especially if snow is covering the ground which would otherwise prevent them from getting to their food sources.

To help protect your trees, we recommend you avoid pruning late in the summer season and also don’t fertilize the tree as it’s preparing to go into dormancy.  We also recommend keeping your trees watered especially if it hasn’t rained in awhile.  You can also use mulch to help the tree retain moisture.

Did you know that Owensboro is known for having the largest Sassafras tree in the country?  That’s right, the tree is located here in Owensboro and is estimated to be 250-300 years of age.

We look forward to giving you a free estimate and a reminder that we are open year around and can handle very large jobs but also can work on a small tree if necessary.   Our prices are very affordable and we treat every customer like our family.   Give us a call today at (270) 713-0689 and we’ll come out and you’ll know about what the cost will be before we get started.  Thank you to all of our past customers and we look forward to working with you going forward.


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