Tree Service You Vs. Professional

Our trees are something we all need but there are those times in life where they just are more

of a pain in our neck more than they are something positive and beautiful and we understand that you want to do something about it. The only real decision comes down are you wanting to do the work yourself or would you like to call in trained, experienced professionals to do the work for you. We are here to go over the all the positives and negatives on both sides ranging from the pricing, the quality, time consumption and so much more. Hopefully by the time we finish this article you’ll be able to make the decision that is best for you.

First thing we’ll go over is costs and pricing as that is what most people’s concern is as soon as they hear of such a task intensive job. When you work by yourself you are able to keep costs at a relatively lower task as long as you have the equipment to do so. If you have to invest in the equipment you tend to actually cost yourself more money than would be reasonable unless you have multiple jobs to accumulate the money necessary to cover your equipment. However when you call in a professional to do the said job you are guaranteeing that you are going to have a straight up price and that it will be done in a timely manner and with a quality crew to make sure everything is that way you want. Most people think they can skip out on the professional and end up botching the job causing them to spend more money on a crew AFTER the job is done losing them more money than necessary. So in this instance we will vote towards professionals as this is the most cost efficient of the two.

Next we will discuss time consumption, as in how long it takes to actually complete the task. Well first start of with doing it yourself as that is what most people would tend to prefer. Doing it yourself would probably consume the most time as it would be you by yourself or your friends. Hopefully in this occasion your friends would help you and have their own equipment as this is the only way you could be able to catch up to the speed it would take for a professional to accomplish the task. So with the help you would probably be seeing a rate of about 1 tree every couple of hours. This would amount to (assuming you’re working 24 hours a day) 12 trees a day. Now, in terms of the professionals doing the work this would equate to about a tree every hour so that means that you would be doing about double the work in the same amount of time. This would mean that unless you had a full team with equipment working with you, you would be wasting your time. This is another win for professionals.

Now we will discuss coverage of damage as this is one of the MOST important deciding factors as without proper coverage your whole home will be voided out of existence and either you or your insurance will foot the bill. This will cause a big raise in your insurance (provided you’re even covered under this. ) and this will lead to an escalating cost to your whole bill plan whether it be daily, yearly or monthly. Which no one likes and can totally and completely be avoided saving you plenty of money when you think about it. Now, on the professional side we can complete the work you need while covering the costs of damage that is inflicted while we are the ones working. Meaning as long as we do all the work we cover the damage. We also can avoid the whole damage thing all together to ensure that you can stay at your home and just enjoy your night. So we would go ahead and give this point to the professionals again as this would minimize damages and isn’t cover cost of any accidents and/or mishaps.

Next we will be discussing overall quality of the work in general. First, unless you are an actual professional your self there is a good chance that your work will be shoddy and that’s just the truth behind the subject. Typically whenever someone tries to do something themselves it’s botched and requires a crew to come fix it for them. However, one thing you that would benefit you by doing it yourself would be knowing exactly how you want it and attempting to get it done that way. In this, you would probably have an advantage. But, if you’re want a stump removed or a whole tree fell then your best option would be to call the professionals as this would bring along with them, among other things, hooks for the trees, old fashion tree saws so we would be able to chop the tree off at the height you prefer, an actual chainsaw for on the ground removals so we could remove the tree properly and an actual stump remover do we can take care of any jobs you need us to in the most quick, safe and convenient way possible.

Overall there was a lot of things of things that can prove that professional work would be the best but it comes down to how you would like it done. Whenever you do it yourself you can make sure you get every detail you want exactly the way you want but you run the risk of causing damage to your house and renting a motel for a couple months. Whenever you call a profession you will get full service quality that will take care of all the damages and al the work while sacrificing only the smallest of your details. So end the of things what would your prefer? Yourself or calling in the professionals? Let us know.

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