Tree Trimming Owensboro – Dedicated

We are a dedicated tree service company for the city of Owensboro and surrounding cities. When people think about Owensboro a few things come to mind. One is the key factors about Owensboro is that it is a straight shot into Bowling Green, Ky that is home to Western Kentucky University. All you have to do is follow the William Thatcher, and don’t worry about paying tolls because it is no longer a toll road.

Another key factor that comes to mind besides the generous and friendly people of the city is the well known Smothers Park. Aside from the fake trees inside the park you have a vast option of good play and exercise for kids. Many different slides and swing all located on a beautiful river view. The only negative that I personally have had with the park is sometimes the River has a bad odor that can drift through the park. Other than that its a very large park with many things for kids of all ages to play at.

How do we fit into the scheme of Owensboro? Well we provide people in the city and around the city of Owensboro with several services related to tree work. We provide affordable options for the following.

When you think trees think Tree Trimming Owensboro.  Call today: 270.229.6040



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