Tree Trimming Owensboro

We at Tree Trimming Owensboro are super proud to call our local area home and love servicing our customers in and around Owensboro.   It’s cold outside now as winter has arrived but don’t let that stop you in getting your trees trimmed or removed.

We work year around but do take off holidays to our staff can enjoy time with their families.   Thanksgiving is almost here and up next is one of our favorite holidays, Christmas.   Our other favorite holiday is Easter.  It’s important to keep god in our lives and those 2 holidays helps us and hopefully you get closer to god.

Let’s talk about trees.   Did you know that trees become dormant in the winter so they can survive?   It’s kind of like hibernating.   The trees come out of hibernation in the spring time and grow leaves which gets them geared up for summer and fall.   It takes alot of energy for a tree to survive the summer heat so the leaves help with that.   Trees also require alot of moisture because they also get thirsty.   Can you imagine being out in the heat with no water?   Yeah, i didn’t think so.  lol

Spring and summer rains are important to get the tree up and running for another year.   Once fall starts to arrive, the tree will look to shed it’s leaves so it can begin it’s yearly process of going into dormancy.   Just like animals who hibernate, a tree spends alot of time getting ready for the dormant stage.   The metabolism slows down which requires alot less energy thus allowing that particular tree to become dormant and sleep through the winter months.

It’s very important to keep the leaves raked around the base of the tree as well as extended out to where the roots are so it can breathe.   There are some people who feel the leaves are important to stay on the ground for fertilaztion, but we fully believe a tree would prefer to breathe because no matter how fertilized is, if it can’t breathe, it will eventually die.

A reminder that we would when spring arrives, we’ll start to get very busy again so we recommend calling us today if you need work done.  This time of year we are not as busy so we can get you worked in alot quicker.   If you’re not ready for tree service work and would prefer to wait until spring, we’re ok with that too.  We love working when it’s warm outside but we also don’t mind working in the cold.

We offer tree trimming and removal services for businesses and homes in Owensboro and surrounding counties.  We always give FREE ESTIMATES so please give us a call today at (270) 713-0689.  If you need service now, that’s great but if not, that’s ok too.  We’ll be happy to do the work in the spring time.   Once we get past the holidays, spring time will be here before you know it.

A very special thank you for trusting Owensboro Tree Service for all of your trimming and removal needs.

FREE ESTIMATES: (270) 713-0689