What and How To Feed Your Trees

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If you are thinking of feeding your tree you have probably heard of a word called fertilizer. Here is the definition of fertilizer in short,  a substance that is chemical based and is used to help plant growth and fertility. This substance candy either synthetic which is man-made or natural which is made in nature. This  would be your typical free food.

Most  people see trees right after they plant them. one of the things about fertilizer is that you cannot get the fertilizer directly on the roots. It is always best to plant the fertilizer near the route so that when it rains or is watered there is a slow and steady stream of fertilizer in the soil. Too much  fertilizer can cause problems for plants and even kill them. Most fertilizer can be bought at your local Nursery, Home Depot, Walmart, and other places.

Once you have your fertilizer you will dig a small Trench a couple inches deep about a foot out from the base of the tree. Once  you have the trench dug then you can sprinkle your fertilizer into the trench completely around the tree. Don’t completely fill up the trench with fertilizer because you will want to put soil on top of the Serta lot fertilizer around the edge.

After you completed filling in the trench and putting soil back on top of the fertilizer here’s what’s going to happen behind the scenes. when it rains or when the tree is watered the water will sink into the fertilizer dissolve the  fertilizer make its way through the soil. At that point it can be absorbed by the root system. Once it’s absorbed by the root system it can be taken into the tree up the trunk if the branches into the leaves so on and so forth. your tree will get many nutrients and food from the fertilizer this way.

you can also buy a fertilizer spike that you put in the ground near the tree. Usually when you purchase tree spikes or fertilizer spikes they come in a box with several in there. In mind that you’re probably not going to use all the spikes in at one time unless you planted  a lot of trees. if you have leftovers you need to store it in a cool dry place. If you don’t store it in a dry place they will dissolve and become non usable. If you store them correctly you can put another spike in next year. The bigger your tree is the more spikes you’re going to need and the farther away from the tree you’re going to need to put them in. All  the directions are all on the box. Make sure you take note of that and read all directions so that you don’t harm your tree or your other plants.

Just like people trees need certain nutrients and chemicals tell them grow. Most trees will grow without it however if you want your tree to be extremely healthy take note of fertilizer and feed your tree properly. If  you have any questions you can always call Owensboro Tree Service at 270-229-6040. Thank you for reading.



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