What Should You Consider When Hiring A Tree Service

You are out to hire a tree service professional. Probably the first place you’re going to start to look is online. Something you might want to watch out for is an ISA certified Arborist.

If you see this logo that means that the tree service company took a certification class That can help you keep your tree healthy and extend the life.

Some of the techniques that a tree trimming professional used to use are not viable today. Topping would be one of those techniques. The main reason the topping has been banned in many places and it’s a violation of ordinance in others, is because that it can cause serious injury to the tree. It can take years off the trees live or kill it immediately. it is also a aesthetically displeasing to most people.

Another practice it still takes place but in a much more limited use is tree spikes. This is where the climber will  wear spikes on their shoes in order to climb better. The reason that most tree climbers do not use spikes anymore is that it also causes damage to the trees and if not cleaned properly can spread disease among trees. 

So these are just a couple of things that you might consider when hiring a tree service professional to trim or remove your trees. Here are some questions you should ask.

  1. How many years have you been in business?
  2.  How many years experience do you have?
  3.  Are you licensed and insured?
  4.  What kind of equipment do you have?
  5.  Do you use best practices?
  6. Who exactly will be working on my trees?
  7. Do you have any references? 

So this should start you out on the right path to finding the correct Tree Service professional. You may also do yourself a favor and get several bids. Most of the time quotes are free. It only takes a phone call to set up a tree service professional to come out and look at your job. This way you know if you’re overpaying underpaying or if there is a median price you should pay. From being around Tree Service Professionals for many years I will say that you shouldn’t always take the lowest bid. The reason for that is because sometimes the lowest bidder is in the best. You have to take into account quality efficiency best practices equipment experience and once you have all of that together you should be able to make the correct decision on which one you would like to hire. 

It’s always best to be more diligent. The more research you do the more prepared you will be to make a decision on who gets the job. Also don’t be shy. Ask questions. You’re giving them your hard-earned money. You’re in charge it’s your property and you have to live with it.  never hire a tree trimmer or Tree Service Company that gives you an attitude for asking questions. You have the right to know.  We at Tree Trimming Owensboro would like to be in the mix and give you a free quote. You can call us at 270-229-6040.

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