What Time Of The Year Is The Best To Get Your Trees Trimmed In Owensboro

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When to prune your trees? The best time to trim or prune your trees in Owensboro, Ky is at the end of fall to the beginning of Spring.

We are going to explain why and talk a little bit about it in this article!  The first thing you want to point out is that trees go through dormancy the end of the song to the beginning of the spring. When a tree is dormant it slows down everything inside from water intake to sap movement. The leaves also Slow Down Start to change color and eventually fall off. This is also a time when photosynthesis is way down. The tree is not converting sunlight into energy as much as it usually does in the summertime when it’s soaking up all the rays.

So here are a few reasons why this is the best time to trim and prune your trees. we at Owensboro Tree Service do most of our business right after summer time in late fall which is great.

The  first reason on our list is the bugs are less active this time of the year. When  you make fresh cuts on a tree it releases sap and has a smell that attracts certain bugs. These bugs can bring several things in that you don’t want including tree parasites pathogens and sometimes they even lay little bugs in your or eggs in your tree from the fresh cuts.  That’s something you don’t want.

By doing the trimming in this downtime where the tree is less active it gives the tree time to heal before a massive amounts of bugs come back out. Have  you ever noticed that a tree first one is cut smells different and looks different than after it’s been cut for 6 months or so? That is because after a couple of months it has time to heal and end of that cut gets hard which will attract less bugs.

Next thing on our list is that’s when you trim the tree in this down time  it also allows the tree to allocate its nutrients in the correct spots. When  a tree is injured it will need nutrients and all resources available to help it heal.  one big place resources go are leaves but in this time of the year the leaves are dying and so it’s not allocating these resources to the leaves it can put more towards healing.

Thing on the list here is about healing again. in the fall and through the winter the tree grows at a very slow pace. It  slows down to the point where it’s not moving or growing much at all. With this being the case the tree has more time to heal before the great big growth spurt takes place that happens in the summertime during full photosynthesis.

Now,  you said you can really trim or prune trees anytime of the year. However  all through the winter or some of the best times to get it done. If you’re reading this and it’s mid-summer and you have a tree that looks like there are several dead limbs on it or needs trimmed or pruned don’t let that stop you. Go ahead call your local tree service provider hopefully it’s us at Owensboro Tree Service and let them assess the tree to see if it needs done right away or it can wait.  Our number is 270.229.6040.



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