When and Where To Plant Your Tree In Owensboro

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This is for the great folks of Owensboro and others around the USA. When and where to plant your trees. 


If you’re wondering when to plant trees. This article will help you evaluate the best time to plant trees. This way you can get more value from your real estate because your trees will be thriving. You not only want to plant the trees in the correct time but you also want to plant the trees in the right spot.

So when is the best time to plant trees? The first thing the trees need to do is establish the root system underneath the soil. That root system will give it a good foundation to grow. it takes a couple of months for that root system to take hold. so the easiest way to tell when to plant a tree is to plant a tree there is going to be 2 months of decent weather. Not freezing,  not to hot, plenty of water, and a food source. You can find a food source to bury near your tree from places like Home Depot or Walmart. When you bury these pieces of food near the tree play Slowly leak into the tree roots. They will provide a good source of nutrients while your roots take hold. Early spring, early summer,oh, and make sure you water it well.

If you’re in the area of the United States that always has a cold climate like Northern Michigan or Northern Minnesota then you will want to of course wait until your ground is warmer. So,  as soon as your ground is warm enough to dig and hopefully it’s above freezing then you can go ahead and plant your tree.

Now we move into the subject of where to plant your tree. This is extremely important. You must plant your tree in an area that is free from obstructions. You also must make sure that there isn’t any piping running underneath the ground in the area and 10 ft out each way. Usually there is a number you can call like 411 and they will tell you where the electric lines are and where the pipelines are in the ground so you’re safe to dig and plant. It’s always best to check with your local utilities to make 100% sure on this. It can cost a lot of money to have to dig up tree roots.  It can also cost a lot of money to have to dig up sewage lines or electrical lines that are damaged. The whole goal of planting trees hard to have some shade and increase your property value plus it’s good for the environment. One last thing to consider when planting trees. Make sure there are no power lines in the air above the area. make sure there are no cable lines in the air above the area. You will also want to not plant the tree within 10 feet of your house. When the limbs grow out you want there to be plenty of room for the tree to thrive and grow to its natural size. A correctly placed tree will add value to your property and not cost much money to upkeep.

Thank you for reading and happy planting.



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